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HOLOGRAPHIC sticker bundle


3x stickers bundle [1 Overload + 2 void]!
Very high quality super-shiny holographic rectangle sticker 4" x 3" and Round stickers 1.6"
with black and white print. Will keep you dreamy and hypnotised always, wherever you'll decide to stick it on!

Thank you for watching! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈


IF you order this item combined with Black & Blue I will be able to ship your parcel at the end of the month/ early October when I go back home. Thank you for your patience!


Unfortunately I don't accept returns and exchanges and I can't refund you if your package gets lost.
I print and ship every item by myself and can't afford paying for mistakes made by the postal service that I can't avoid ,sorry!

I ship worldwide as I want to give the possibility to anyone to order from me but I can't ensure that the post services of every country will deliver the item.

Generally there are no problems with standard shipping, but if you want to make extra sure and get a tracked delivery please contact me! (usually around 15£ except for light/small parcels like stickers, that would cost less!)

Thank you for reading and thank you all for your support!